This is currently open to only District Groups at this time

A notification will go out district wide when other groups can begin to register and reserve.

All facility use requests are completed online. There are three classifications:

District Groups are district staff members and school related groups - these accounts will be set up by the Facilities Coordinator. If you have not yet received a welcome invite to complete your account, please email Christine Decker,

Group I: Not for Profits Organizations and Full In-District Organizations:
Not for Profit Organizations (those with a Tax Exempt ID) comprised entirely of Tri-Valley students and other In-District organizations that involve 100% Tri-Valley District student participation may reserve the facilities . Examples include but are not limited to: Boy Scouts, Cub Scouts, Brownies, TV Special Olympics, Girl Scouts, Tide Youth Basketball, Youth Volleyball (6th grade and under), TVSL

Group II: Partial In-District Organizations:
Organizations that include Tri-Valley District students along with students without Tri-Valley District affiliation can reserve facilities for a nominal fee. Examples include but are not limited to: religious organizations, fraternal organizations, independent sports groups, etc.

Register for a New Account

The first step needed to make an online facility use request is to create a user account. You can do so by clicking the Register icon below. Be sure to complete all information fields and then click the submit button. If your registration was successful you will receive an e-mail confirmation. The video and Quick Start Guide below will provide additional information.

register account

Facility Use Request

Facility Use Requests Lead Time:

  • District Groups: minimum 2 business days

  • Group I: minimum 5 business days

  • Group II: minimum 7 business days

Once your account is created, please read the Guidelines and Regulations below. You can start making facility reservations by clicking the Log in icon below. The video and Quick Start Guide below will further explain the reservation process.

General Guidelines:

1) As a service to the community, it is the interest of Tri-Valley Community Unit #3 to make school facilities available to organizations or individuals of the community when feasible; such as will not interfere in any way, with the regular programs and activities of the District. The use of District facilities for school purposes will have precedent over all other uses.   2)  Facilities will not be used/rented to organizations outside of the District.   3) Facilities shall not be used by or rented to businesses for commercial gain as outlined in Board of Education policy 8-20.

Rules and Regulations
 ~Tri-Valley Community Unit School District #3 will not rent facilities to organizations outside of our District.
 ~The organization or individual using the facilities is responsible for order and discipline during the use of the facilities.
 ~A responsible adult representative shall be present at all times.
 ~In keeping with the District’s policies: firearms, smoking, and alcohol are prohibited on all school grounds.
 ~Groups leaving facilities in a state that must be cleaned could be billed for custodial fees and/or have future reservations cancelled.
 ~At anytime the District can cancel a reservation for misuse of the facilities or due to an event which requires the District to use the requested facility.
 ~Only the District’s softball and baseball teams will be allowed to use the District’s indoor facilities under direct supervision of the head coach.
 ~Applicants will only be allowed to reserve a set amount of dates each week based on the age of students involved: Kindergarten-3rd grades 1 date per week, 4th-5th grades 2 dates per week and 6th grade 3 dates per week.
 ~Reimbursements will only be provided because of District cancellation due to weather or when the District has a need for reserved facility. Applicants cancellation of facility reservation will result in forfeit of paid fees.

Procedure For Scheduling
 ~Approval to use District facilities will be granted by the Facilities Coordinator in keeping with District policies and regulations.
 ~Reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis and will follow the lead times above. If multiple groups submit requests, space will awarded by group classifications and then by age and/or sport currently in season.

Liability and Insurance
 ~In addition to a completed Facility Use Application, organizations or individuals must carry insurance, and are required to provide a certificate of insurance which names ‘Tri-Valley Community Unit School District #3’ as an additional insured for the period of time that the organization or individual will be using the District’s facilities, as well as sign the District’s Hold Harmless Agreement for non Tri-Valley residents.
 ~All organizations or individuals are responsible for reimbursing the District for lost, stolen, or broken equipment as well as any damage to the facility.

The Facilities Coordinator under any circumstance has sole authority to deny the use of school facilities in case of school related functions, or when the rental is not in the best interest of the school or community.