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Tri-Valley Elementary

Tri-Valley Elementary, 9 days ago

After a week of summer, some of you may be looking for activities for your kids! The school will be offering summer mini-camps starting June 14th. I am including the offerings along with a description of each camp. Registration for each camp can be found here--> Attached to this email is the information regarding camps as well as the descriptions of each camp being offered.

Josh White

Josh White, 5 days ago

For our end-of-the-year baseball banquet on Monday, June 21, We have secured the Gill St. food truck to serve our baseball families. They will be parked on the north end of the HS parking lot. The food truck will be available for anyone in the community to eat as well. The baseball families will be ordering and eating from 5:30-6:15, then anyone who wants to can come to get what they want. The food truck people said they would stick around until 8:00-8:30. If this is something that would be good to pass onto community members, feel free. view image


Transportation, 9 days ago

Our girls are heading to State today! Wish them well! #vikingstransportation #vikingstv3 view image


Transportation, 15 days ago

Well this have been at times a trying year but it has been an amazing year!! Thanks to all of our drivers and thanks to all the amazing students&parents helping to make this year work!!! We cannot wait until next year!!! #togetherTV3 view image

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