High School Renovation
High School Renovation
Josh White
Friday, June 08, 2018

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great start to your summers. As you may have seen our heard the renovation of the first phase high school building and new north parking lot is under way and is going well. It is very exciting to see the progress that is being made a part of the Viking Vision plan.

As part of this progress please be aware of the hazards of the parking lots as well as the grounds. It is important that we are all aware that there will be many construction vehicles coming and going from the grounds so please make sure that you and your students are driving cautiously on the district grounds. Please use the parking lots at the district office and The middle school for parking for summer league activities and other events. At no time should students or parents walk or drive through the fenced in construction areas as those are marked off to protect both you and the workers. Please honor all marked do not enter and taped off areas at all times.

As always please use the marked parking spots and not the grass to park during events. Our maintenance staff works very hard to keep that grounds looking nice and we want to limit wear and tear on these areas.

Thanks and have a great summer.

The Tri-Valley Administration